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Author. Editor.

 I am an award-winning author and editor who lives in Sarasota, Florida.

My specialty is editing and publishing books as fun to read as they were to write. I especially enjoy editing and publishing autobiographies.

I blog about punctuation and grammar at

Historian. Educator.

I have developed a 40+/-program repertoire of original, educational programs, which I present in libraries, genealogical and historical societies, museums, and other nonprofits from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon, from Miami to Mumbai. 

Public Speaker.

I speak professionally between 40 and 60 times each year, and am an active member of Toastmasters International and a former Professional Member of the National Speakers Association.

Books by Liz

“Being a published author is absolutely thrilling,” says Liz. “It’s not just ‘game-changing’; it’s life-changing.”

Books Edited and/or Published by Liz

Liz Coursen edits and publishes fine autobiographies, better poetry, and exciting novels.

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